With our young and professional team we are confident we can provide you with the best Algerian dates that will satisfy your needs in quality, delivered to you in a timely manner
The owners are a couple of doctors who have practiced for 10 years as doctors and had at the same time created a date export company in 1993, the unit is located in the city of constantine in the east of algeria this new unit is equipped with equipment for the sorting.
and cold storage.
in addition to a qualified workforce and know-how.
the company exports an average of 1000 tons each year to all continents

Our Certifications

Along the years, having amassed an excellent expertise in the field, we have also obtained the right certifications to prove so.


From the Saharan farms to stores around the globe
Our company is twice national award winner. We have been active since 1993, In the past years we have provided our clients around the world with the best of the Algerian dates of many kind, from Natural Deglet Noor, pitted dates, pastries, to processed dates and date paste.